"Michael Frank is by far one of the most talented people you can have working for you. He continuously raised the bar and was our leading Sales Generator. You do not want him working for your competition!" Anthony Contorno, IDT Operations Management.

"Many lead services promise great results, but I can honestly say that Michael truly delivers. He's a relentless prospector and an absolute pleasure to work with." - Jake Sorofman, Founding Partner at Marketlever, Research Director at Gartner, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development - Just Systems, Chief Marketing Officer - rPath

"I've used Michael's services at multiple companies. He consistently delivered excellent results quickly. His ability to qualify leads and find opportunities is fantastic. I highly recommend using his services."  - John Kreisa, Vice President of Marketing at Hortonworks, Cloudera and Gluster, Director of Marketing at Red Hat

"I’ve been most impressed with Michael's persistence and professionalism. He became an integral part of the team as we brought focus to target account development, and he made an important contribution to the effort. Working with Michael was a great experience!" - Warren Smith, Senior Director, Worldwide Sales Operations, Centrify Corporation

"I've hired Michael Frank and LGSPro on several occasions to set appointments and build pipelines for C Level Executives for various Sales and Marketing projects. I always got more than what I paid for. I'm glad he wasn't working for my competitors."  - Craig Beal, President and VP of Sales Ultimate Software, ADP and Sterling Commerce, an AT&T Company

 "Michael consistently set up valuable appointments with C Level prospects which helped to bring about our recent acquisition by Red Hat. He gets you inside the doors of new business opportunities more efficiently than anyone I've worked with before."  - Mike Backlund - Senior Vice President Sales - Gluster, Sales Director - Red Hat

"Michael is easy to work with and a real pro. He started producing results the first week we were working together and after that, almost every day was like Christmas, with warm leads from Michael in my InBox every morning. I highly recommend Michael to anyone trying to jump-start a sales effort and keep it running in high gear."  - Philip Meese, SVP of Sales at CorpData

“Michael is a great asset to my territory penetration strategy. His positive attitude, persistence, and thorough attention to detail help drive our success. He's results focused and a valued member of the team that I highly recommend.”  - Andrew Zambito, Senior Strategic Account Manager - Good Technology

"I've worked with Michael Frank for over 8 years. During that time, he obtained timely leads that I successfully converted into millions of dollars worth of business for IBM Unica Corporation and significant commissions to me (Dow Jones, Polo, AIG, Marsh, Mercedes Benz USA, etc). Michael took the time to understand my technologies value proposition, and pain-points and craft a calling and email campaign and executed. I continue to use him often for ad-hoc needs."  - Guy Madsen - Regional Sales Manager - IBM Unica Corporation, Good Technology, InQuira (Oracle) WatchDox"

"Michael Frank is a great resource in building a pipeline - He's articulate; follows up diligently and has a high closure rate" Gerard Das - Vice President of Sales, North America - Impetus, Earnix and Cloudera Inc."